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How to Trade in the Biden Era

Posted January 25, 2021

Everyone spent months analyzing and agonizing over the presidential election and Trumps antics following his defeat. But its finally over

Use This One Simple Rule to Predict Market Moves

Posted January 13, 2021

There is no holy grail indicator that will tell you when to buy or sell. If there was, everyone would use it. But using an indicator that you understand and that is accurate more than 50% of the time can lead to better and bigger portfolio of winners.

Bitcoin: Did You Miss $40K?

Posted January 11, 2021

Its a bitcoin bull market and I have trader friends making hundreds of thousands of dollars without me!

2021: Year of the Next Gold Rally

Posted January 05, 2021

Precious metals were quick out of the gate early Monday morning. Gold pushed toward $1,950 for the first time since early November, while silver rocketed higher by more than 4%.