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How to Master Your Next Big Trade

Posted September 28, 2020

If there was a tool to practically ensure your trading success, would you want to try it? Its not some new gadget or a big secret. In fact, this underrated tool for trading success, one that can withstand any market environment is to simply create a plan.

How to Tune Out the Crash Callers

Posted September 21, 2020

Heres the truth: the mission of financial television isnt to help you make money. For most, the financial networks are simply a distraction from the discipline needed to be successful.

You Think THAT was a Crash?!?!

Posted September 16, 2020

Markets have been through dozens of crises in the last decade. And guess what? We made new all-time highs following each one of them. As an old trading veteran, I know that markets can be irrational and do not have to reflect current fundamentals. This is always true. But markets can also forecast a better financial future. Optimism always wins!

Is the Stock Market Comeback FINISHED?

Posted September 11, 2020

Its not always about how stocks act, but how they react that counts. Thats what were looking for in the markets right now after some much-needed profit taking tanked the Nasdaq toward a quick correction. I know big market unwinds tend to spook investors. But its healthy action!

No More Trading Drama!

Posted September 09, 2020

Financial news is constantly being released around the world on an hourly basis. The job of keeping track and monitoring these never-ending events is nearly an impossible task for an investor. Sometimes the managing those positions that may be most greatly affected by the potential volatility of data is the best anyone can do. The questions is: how should I interpret market news when I get it?

Goodbye, Chicago

Posted September 04, 2020

My days of working for someone else are long gone. Working late nights to impress management in the hopes of moving up the chain never appealed to me. I dont like wasting my time. Why spend decades toiling in a dreary cubicle for that corner office with a view?