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Use These Trader Tips to Survive the Shutdown

Posted July 27, 2020

Chicago has been called the best city in the world during the summer. Since I grew up near the Great White North, I have no complaints about the long winter, either. But staying in the city has become mundane and monotonous during this shutdown. The energy and excitement are gone

Are You Ready for All-Time Highs?

Posted July 24, 2020

Stocks continue to creep higher as we close out another busy earnings week. So Ill keep pounding the table as the averages approach some key levels All-time highs are in sight for the S&P 500 as the broad market barometer consolidates. Its now just about 3.5% from its all-time highs set just five months ago.

Thank God for Goldman!

Posted July 17, 2020

Earnings season is officially upon us! Big banks kicked things off this week and the reports were not nearly as bad as some had feared.

Here's What Happens AFTER the Selloff

Posted July 15, 2020

Im back in Chicago which brings me to the harsh reality that much is left to do to get back to a more normal life. The Chicago Loop business district is still a ghost town. The city hasnt made much of a dent in the cleanup effort from the recent unrest. Storefronts remain boarded up on every block, with only minimal activity to show shops are open.

Next Stop: Gold $2,000!

Posted July 06, 2020

A key breakout has put gold on track to make a run toward its all-time highs. Last week, it delivered. Gold briefly tagged $1,800 for the first time since 2011 following a strong breakout move.

Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Posted July 01, 2020

The first annual beach clam bake at the lake might be my last. Long story short: Too much thinking went into the fire pit process and the results were mixed. It sounds simple enough. Dig a hole, start the fire, heat the rocks. Cover, then cook. What could possibly go wrong?